January 20, 2010

Creative Thinking

January 17, 2010

Creative Thinking Unleashed

Children are naturally creative. We were all born with creative talent, yet WHY do so many people insist they just aren't creative? When we feel 'not in shape' we exercise muscles to get leaner and stronger. Same can be done to stimulate creative energy. Fun ways to get your creative juices flowing and release some of that good energy toward better productivity and more positive thinking.

January 12, 2010

Female Internet Marketing Leaders

Here's a tribute to some of the female leaders in e-commerce or internet marketing. Now for the most part, the so-called 'gurus' of internet marketing tend to be male, however there's now a surge in females marketing successfully on the web and some of them so successful they've earned recognition. In terms of relationships and mentoring, many women much prefer to be trained by a female and now that is certainly an option. Visit the site to learn about female leaders in all sorts of internet marketing: direct, affiliate, network (mlm) and more.

Female Internet Gurus