August 26, 2009

Ted Kennedy Dies at age 77 Today

Senator Ted Kennedy has had a controversial past. Yet he's risen above and accomplished much in terms of overcoming his past and contributing toward the best for the US. Haven't we ALL done things when young that we regret, yet when one is a 'Kennedy' those foibles get blasted throughout the media, making a recovery near impossible? Yet Senator Kennedy did just that, and established himself as an American hero, despite his errors of youth.

Ted Kennedy

August 16, 2009

New Website Created with Affiliate Jump

Playing with the new Affiliate Jump software and finding it SO simple to use. You can get a basic site live in minutes. Then of course you'll want to personalize the pages by adding content. I was concerned about that at first, but not a problem. I'm still playing around with the widgets, adding links and content. Below are links to two of the new sites I have created. I just got the software yesterday and am truly amazed at how simple it is to use. Having all of the affiliate sources in ONE place along with the ability to make enormous strides with just a few clicks makes this brilliant. Very user-friendly.

Two sites up so far:

Netrepreneur Now

and here's another one...

Detox Colon Cleanse

and here's a widget I created with the software:

August 15, 2009

Affiliate Jump Review - Don't Jump on Affiliate Jump

After fully testing the Affiliate Jump System, I do NOT recommend it. Filsaime had a wonderful IDEA, but the system itself is poorly developed and not worth the time, money and frustration. I do hope a similar system might be developed eventually that does what it claims to do and works, for there is a need. So many of us jumped on the bandwagon, but found the wagon to be weak and not ready for use.
See my full review here.

My initial post when Affiliate Jump first came out:
Mike Filsaime's new Affiliate Jump program appears to be a gem in the world of affiliate marketing. I review so many new products appearing on the internet, and yet can't remember ever being more excited about a system than I am with this one. Even a complete newbie with no website nor list could have a complete site up within minutes! All tools and widgets are already integrated as well as training and support. Maybe best of all, your sites can be managed from ONE central portal, which negates the need to jump from one to the next over and over, a sure direction toward information overload. Many choices, many niches... and NO need to apply for acceptance into CPA (Cost Per Action) affiliate networks, who reject 90% of applicants anyway. More on this soon.

August 13, 2009

Web Prosperity

I enjoy testing systems for making money online, and only recommend those I find to be legit and have significant value. One huge roadblock to making money online is a well-developed and integrated SYSTEM. Web Prosperity has built just that. I found this system a no-brainer for several reasons... First and foremost, it is free! (There are upgrades available once one test drives the basic system at no charge). Second, the system already includes not only the basics, but an impressive collection of multi-media web tools. Third, it is recommended by some familiar names like Ewen Chia and Stone Evans, guys who know how to make money online and have done so significantly for years.