December 8, 2009

SARK web page wins AWARD! 'Healing Art with SARK'

My SARK page at Squidoo won lens of the day! SARK is such a unique and inspirational artist! Building that fun and colorful page is a tribute to her, and I'm so thrilled to have it featured in this way. One lens is chosen daily for this award in terms of creativity or uniqueness, something about a lens that makes it stand out.

SARK has millions of copies of her many unique book titles in print and is now offering e-courses that are fabulous, just completed one of them. The courses have to do with creativity or personal growth from a perspective of transformation SARK ART style. Highly recommended!

December 6, 2009

Redneck Christmas

Redneck Christmas Pictures, Images and Photos

Redneck Christmas in your future? Hon, ya don't wanna miss THIS link, cause there's lotsa Redneck Christmas fun happenin' here...from photos to jokes to Redneck Christmas music ...and even a few ideas about what to get your favorite redneck for Christmas. Redneck giggles galore.
Are YOU a Redneck? Take the quiz!

December 1, 2009

Photo Collage Creator and MORE tools for FUN with photos...FREE

Updates added here for fun with photos of many kinds, from collage to facebook apps to slide-shows and many more ...having fun with these incredible online tools and hope YOU will too!
Photo Fun and Collage Creator

November 24, 2009

Best Christmas Gifts for Scrooge and Grinch

Grinch got ya down? Is your Scrooge being sarcastic and sassy? Bet you know at least ONE person who is less than thrilled at the upcoming Jolly Holly Christmas. Everyone is not always dreaming of a White Christmas, ya know. Many Scrooges just plain think the entire idea of Christmas has become one way overblown commercial circus of insane shopping and stress.

People might be claiming 'BA HUM BUG' about the holidays for a lot of different reasons. Since the economy took a nosedive, many are on a tight budget...and their tiny kids don't know anything about a budget. Santa Claus sure doesn't have one. They just know about all of the toy commercials on TV. Many others have recently lost their homes to foreclosure, and may not have a chimney to hang stockings from or even a home for a tree. Then what about those suffering from divorce or the loss of a family? Their memories of Christmas are surely ghosts from their Christmases Past.

So be kind to your Grinchy Scrooge friends. Scrooge hates those same old Christmas Carols, so why not consider some really wacky and funny alternatives to Christmas music. Maybe you might even find the perfect Christmas Gifts for your Scrooge or Grinch to bring a smile and brighten their holiday.

November 18, 2009

Surfing Santa Claus!

Can Santa arrive on a surfboard? SURE he can, and does. Come visit and see Surfing Santa in a wild and quirky collection of videos, gifts and more.
Everyone doesn't dream of a white Christmas...and in a surfer's dreams the white swell of the surf is the real thing. HO - HO - HO ... Who needs snow?

October 1, 2009

One of my Favorite Mentors...bobtheteacher

internet marketing lessons

Bob was a high school teacher up until last year when he retired early to do internet marketing full-time. We connected a few years back and I'm more impressed with him all the time for his reliably sound advice, his incredibly easy to follow trainings (most are frree)and for the online networks he's created. This guy not only has a talent for teaching and making the difficult simple using webinars, mind-maps, step-by-step hands-on trainings that include question/answer opportunities but he really enjoys helping people learn about the online marketing world. As a former teacher myself, I'm impressed with Bob's talent. It's one thing to KNOW about a topic yet quite another to teach it to others. Bob can do!
I just completed a session of his training tonight which cost nothing and yet was above and beyond others sold for high prices. No stack of CDs to 'educate' yourself on your own from way...he'll take you by the hand and lead the way.

August 26, 2009

Ted Kennedy Dies at age 77 Today

Senator Ted Kennedy has had a controversial past. Yet he's risen above and accomplished much in terms of overcoming his past and contributing toward the best for the US. Haven't we ALL done things when young that we regret, yet when one is a 'Kennedy' those foibles get blasted throughout the media, making a recovery near impossible? Yet Senator Kennedy did just that, and established himself as an American hero, despite his errors of youth.

Ted Kennedy

August 16, 2009

New Website Created with Affiliate Jump

Playing with the new Affiliate Jump software and finding it SO simple to use. You can get a basic site live in minutes. Then of course you'll want to personalize the pages by adding content. I was concerned about that at first, but not a problem. I'm still playing around with the widgets, adding links and content. Below are links to two of the new sites I have created. I just got the software yesterday and am truly amazed at how simple it is to use. Having all of the affiliate sources in ONE place along with the ability to make enormous strides with just a few clicks makes this brilliant. Very user-friendly.

Two sites up so far:

Netrepreneur Now

and here's another one...

Detox Colon Cleanse

and here's a widget I created with the software:

August 15, 2009

Affiliate Jump Review - Don't Jump on Affiliate Jump

After fully testing the Affiliate Jump System, I do NOT recommend it. Filsaime had a wonderful IDEA, but the system itself is poorly developed and not worth the time, money and frustration. I do hope a similar system might be developed eventually that does what it claims to do and works, for there is a need. So many of us jumped on the bandwagon, but found the wagon to be weak and not ready for use.
See my full review here.

My initial post when Affiliate Jump first came out:
Mike Filsaime's new Affiliate Jump program appears to be a gem in the world of affiliate marketing. I review so many new products appearing on the internet, and yet can't remember ever being more excited about a system than I am with this one. Even a complete newbie with no website nor list could have a complete site up within minutes! All tools and widgets are already integrated as well as training and support. Maybe best of all, your sites can be managed from ONE central portal, which negates the need to jump from one to the next over and over, a sure direction toward information overload. Many choices, many niches... and NO need to apply for acceptance into CPA (Cost Per Action) affiliate networks, who reject 90% of applicants anyway. More on this soon.

August 13, 2009

Web Prosperity

I enjoy testing systems for making money online, and only recommend those I find to be legit and have significant value. One huge roadblock to making money online is a well-developed and integrated SYSTEM. Web Prosperity has built just that. I found this system a no-brainer for several reasons... First and foremost, it is free! (There are upgrades available once one test drives the basic system at no charge). Second, the system already includes not only the basics, but an impressive collection of multi-media web tools. Third, it is recommended by some familiar names like Ewen Chia and Stone Evans, guys who know how to make money online and have done so significantly for years.

July 29, 2009

Isagenix Review

Isagenix was founded in March 2002 by founder John Anderson along with Jim and Kathy Coover. Isagenix grossed a spectacular $50 million dollars in only 18 months and has achieved solid growth and expansion. John Anderson has a vast professional experience working as a private label supplement manufacturer for over 600 different companies producing 2300 nutritional and weight loss products. Both Jim and Kathy Coover are professionals having corporate, marketing and field experience. Their combined experience that has helped the company to catapult Isagenix sales.

Isagenix is endorsed by celebrities Jack Canfield and John Gray which helps boost their popularity and sales. Consider a book by John Gray called “The Mars and Venus Diet and Exercise Solution”. He's the same author of the wildly popular title called “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”. In this book he explains in great detail what foods, herbs, etc. are needed to remove toxins, promote proper brain chemistry, promote good health and lose weight. But, as John puts it in a comment he makes in the second chapter, “You can go to the store and collect all these ingredients yourself but with Isagenix, why bother?” Cost comparisons between collecting all this stuff yourself and purchasing Isagenix appear quite comparable, given the costs of health food products and the time it would take to create anything similar.

Toxins exist in our bodies, and they DO have serious effects on health. Isagenix provides solutions. Consider this study:
GTR News - Environmental Toxins Pose Serious Health Risk
“A study by The British Medical Journal says that 75 percent of most cancers are caused by environmental and lifestyle factors. A report by the Columbia University School of Public Health estimates that 95 percent of cancer is caused by diet and environmental toxicity; in addition, most Americans have between 400 and 800 chemicals stored in their bodies, typically in fat cells. ”

About Isagenix products:

Isagenix™ offers a valid quality product line of nutritional and wellness products as well as a premier skin care line. Isagenix vitamins and nutritional products are not synthetic as are most on the market today. They are made from whole food products and only pure raw ingredients with no chemical processes, additives, preservatives, food dyes, sugar, etc. The shakes and other nutritional food items are a healthy food alternative. It helps people who maintain good health through not only exercise but also good eating habits. The products supplement a healthy diet and can help individuals get on the road to good health and optimal wellness.

Isagenix™ Cleansing and Fat Burning System is their flagship product as an effective cleansing nutrition system. One of the most successful healthy weight-loss programs available, the Isagenix Cleanse is a cleanse program rather than a diet, intended to force a release of toxins and impurities from the body to promote optimal health and heal disease. There are two programs available, a 9 day cleanse and a 30 day cleanse. The 9 day cleanse can be used as a jump start program. Some who have reached a plateau with other programs such as Weight Watcher's or others have found this to result in an average of about 7 pounds lost in 9 days. The 30 day cleanse program might be used more as a follow-up maintenance program after the 9 day.

While if you adhere to the plan you won't eat as much as usual, you will NOT be starving yourself. When you starve yourself you do not consume nutrients. All the nutrients our bodies need are included in the program if followed as directed. Isagenix products do not contain stimulants, diuretics, laxatives or any other harsh ingredients that force the body to drop water. Water loss comes from release of trapped toxins within fat cells which hold unnatural amounts of water. This water differs from the necessary fluids the body needs within muscles etc. Isagenix shakes contain beneficial bacteria that most of us are lacking which helps regulate digestion, constipation, etc. The products are highly mineralized & help to balance the body's pH levels by removing harmful acids and returning the body to a more alkaline state where good health can be restored. There are specific ingredients in Isagenix products that actually help to extract toxins from the colon and other parts of the body. There is a money back guarantee..if for whatever reason you are not able to get results with Isagenix, you can get your money back!

Summary: Isagenix is a credible direct marketing company that provides a line of high quality nutrional products to consumers. Options for retail or wholesale purchases of the product line are offered as well as the opportunity to become a representative of the company and earn income.

July 24, 2009

Internet Marketing Report Card (IMRC) Review

IM Report Card provides unbiased and current reviews about people, programs, services and biz-ops related to internet marketing. The Internet Marketing Report Card (IMRC) is a community of people who make money online and share credible and factual information about what works and what doesn't. Members can post reviews or rate/comment on them and earn points. Once points reach a certain threshold, a payment is sent to paypal.

The site owners are very strict about quality. Each review is read individually and will be rejected if not considered content rich and factual. Members are expected to have first-hand experience about a product, service or program prior to submitting a review. New categories and tools are added regularly to the site and membership is growing rapidly with thousands of legit reviews. I refer to IMRC regularly and have learned a LOT there.

Here's the text from the front page header at the website:

IM Report Card is the only Internet marketing community that's updated daily with new and unbiased reviews of popular Internet marketing products, services and people.

Get the real scoop before you buy, grade products you're familiar with, report scams, add comments and share your experiences, and get paid just for participating.

The more people who use it, the more useful the community becomes for everyone.

So go get your free membership HERE.

April 5, 2009

Who is teaching you?

click me

Who are you listening to for eBay and Internet success advice? Click here to get a live team of experts that have DONE IT.

I check with my team regularly for advice, ideas, and consult before moving forward on any new internet project. This is NOT just about eBay. While there's a ton of information about how to best use eBay, this team offers excellent advice about all sorts of successful internet marketing projects that are making money NOW! Members also have access to a steady stream of products and information that cost a lot elsewhere.

Get their free newsletter at the very least. You will be glad you did.

March 14, 2009

Free Twitter Training Videos

free twitter training videos are an excellent introduction to Twitter. Learn how to 'tweet' productively in a format very simple to follow. Originally these videos (over 93 minutes long) were offered as exclusive bonuses for a $97 product. Now available free from Mike Klinger of Marketing Merge.

January 25, 2009

Hidden Treasures - free book

Here's a wonderful free source of information about everyday items you might have stored around that sell VERY well on eBay and other auction sites.

Overlooked Treasure