November 24, 2009

Best Christmas Gifts for Scrooge and Grinch

Grinch got ya down? Is your Scrooge being sarcastic and sassy? Bet you know at least ONE person who is less than thrilled at the upcoming Jolly Holly Christmas. Everyone is not always dreaming of a White Christmas, ya know. Many Scrooges just plain think the entire idea of Christmas has become one way overblown commercial circus of insane shopping and stress.

People might be claiming 'BA HUM BUG' about the holidays for a lot of different reasons. Since the economy took a nosedive, many are on a tight budget...and their tiny kids don't know anything about a budget. Santa Claus sure doesn't have one. They just know about all of the toy commercials on TV. Many others have recently lost their homes to foreclosure, and may not have a chimney to hang stockings from or even a home for a tree. Then what about those suffering from divorce or the loss of a family? Their memories of Christmas are surely ghosts from their Christmases Past.

So be kind to your Grinchy Scrooge friends. Scrooge hates those same old Christmas Carols, so why not consider some really wacky and funny alternatives to Christmas music. Maybe you might even find the perfect Christmas Gifts for your Scrooge or Grinch to bring a smile and brighten their holiday.

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These pages are hilarious!