February 20, 2007

Marketing in Venus vs. Mars

There's a place for everything, and if one feels out of place, there just might be a very good reason. I just read that, according to the DSA... 82% of network marketers are female. 82%!!!

Given that statistic, now WHY is it that most of the leaders and trainers happen to be male? No surprise, in our patriarchal society, yet as long as this gets accepted as normal, the craziness continues. Wonder just how much this very imbalance might contribute to another statistic? ... ie. that there's a 95% failure rate in home-based businesses.

Given we have a mostly female sales force being 'trained' by mostly males and as a group we are mostly failing. Consider the huge communication and behavioral differences between 'Venus and Mars' and a trend of Venus (women) being trained by Mars (men) to market to Venus (women) and ... "Houston, we have a problem!"

As a female, when I hear or read phrases such as 'guerilla marketing' and 'ways of warriors' and 'killer tactics' ... it turns me off. Hard sell 'underground secrets exposed' and yada, yada, yada... this might work on Mars, dude, but not where we come from, and with a 92% female sales force, you might be wise to consider your audience.

Just say it, and puleeease, tone DOWN on the testosterone, will ya? This gig is hard enough without having to try and figure out what's real from 'training' among egos the size of Wyoming. Make the control freaks and the huge egos sit tight while we find someone who can just be a straight shooter, male or female. By the way, we can tell if you are 'shooting from the hip' so have respect for our time, please, we have real work to do.

We also don't want nor respect the abrasive one-size-fits-all macho solutions, nor intend to develop 'thick skin' in order to listen to your rants and dissertations. This just does not compute and is completely unacceptable on our planet. Training is teaching, and where we come is done in a collaborative and cooperative way. NO one knows it all, we know that, so it's more a matter of discussion about what strategies work from many perspectives, all delivered in a supportive and respectful manner, for that is professionalism.

We believe in a Collaborative Mastermind, and not a Macho Master Mind.

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