December 1, 2008

Squidoo: Easy and Free Website Tool

Beware of Squidoo! Once you enter that magical playground you may likely become addicted to the place. When you join Squidoo you can build websites (called lenses) for free in only a few minutes.

Squidoo includes SO many networking and fun learning tools. There are so many tools and widgets already integrated into the Squidoo system that you might be amazed at how quickly you can do things like link to amazon, eBay, Utube and others to monetize your Squidoo page.

Getting traffic on Squidoo is much easier than with other sites. For one thing Google LOVES Squidoo! Many Squidoo sites appear on top of the first page on that search engine. Also there are many groups and communities within the network that you can link to, which will increase traffic.

NO techie skills needed!!!
Forget all that html, javascript mumbo jumbo because when you are playing around in Squidoo, that all goes on behind the scenes and you don't even have to LOOK at it, let alone know what it means. It does help to know a little of that html language, but not required.

You can start a site in no time, then add to it whenever you like and invite others to add to it as well. I have created 10 Squidoo lenses to date. Sound like a lot? There are folks who have created hundreds of them at no cost whatsoever, so what are you waiting for?
Join Squidoo now and get those ideas of yours OUT there.

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